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“NEW YORK, NY (Feb. 9, 2018)—Continuous low doses of far ultraviolet C (far-UVC) light can kill airborne flu viruses without harming human tissues, according to a new study at the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC). The findings suggest that use of overhead far-UVC light in hospitals, doctors’ offices, schools, airports, airplanes, and other public spaces could provide a powerful check on seasonal influenza epidemics, as well as influenza pandemics. “


222 nm Far-UVC Light

Far UVC Solutions manufactures flat tiles and Far-UVC tubes in the USA!

Far-UV Solutions Far UV-C lamp technology offers a way to rapidly kill dangerous viruses and disinfect densely populated spaces. Far UVC light a science-backed solution for getting communities to a new, safer normal.

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2.5″ x 2.5″ Excimer Tiles


The tile and driver set runs most efficiently between 20 and 36 watts. Output ranges between 3000uW/cm2 up to 4800uW/cm2 measured at 4cm. The output would depend on the chosen input wattage.

Weight: 2 ounces (57 grams)

Connection Type: 2 Screw down terminals

Operating Voltage: 5kV

Illumination Pattern: Flood-directional

Operating Temperature: 190F (88C)

Expected Lifespan: 20,000+ hours

Far-UV Solutions Cube Stack


Far-UV Solutions 64mm x 40 mm cube Stack assembly with built-in cooling fan and power supply

Operating Voltage: 5kV

Illumination Pattern: Flood-directional

Operating Temperature: 190F (88C)

Expected Lifespan: 20,000+ hours

400mm X 26 mm Tubes


This tube is the strongest and most efficient of its type on the market.

600mm x 12mm Tubes


This tube is one of the most unique products on the market due to the form factor.

How to win the war on flu

“In brief, it is pure physics – 222 nm light is safe for us because it cannot even penetrate through the dead-cell layer on the surface of our skin or the tear layer on the surface of our eyes – but because bacteria and viruses are physically very small, 222 nm light does have enough penetration to efficiently kill them.

I envision a wide range of applications for this new weapon in the war against superbugs, such as in schools to prevent the spread of coronavirus or influenza, in shelters to prevent the spread of TB, or in airplanes and airports to prevent the global spreading of virus like coronavirus or H1N1 influenza.”

– David J. Brenner, Ph.D., the Higgins Professor of Radiation Biophysics, professor of environmental health sciences, and director of the Center for Radiological Research at CUMC

This Is One Amazing Far-UVC Light

In the face of threats like COVID-19, our work-spaces and meeting places need safer, effective solutions that will allow us to return to a new normal. Far-UV Solutions’ thin 222 nm UV tile lamps and KrCl Excimer Tubes, also known as Far UVC light, are manufactured in Waco, Texas, for communities across the globe. They continuously disinfect spaces (air and surface) and kill pathogens over 100 times smaller than human cells. And unlike longer wavelengths, 222nm cannot penetrate human skin. When properly used, it’s the safest UVC lamp technology available today.


Research Methodology

To evaluate the safety of repeated eye and skin exposure to a 222-nm germicide lamp, xeroderma pigmentosum group A model mice were used in this study.

Compared to wild-type mice, these model mice have an increased sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation and an over 10,000 fold increased risk of developing skin cancer.

In the group that was exposed to UVB (280-315 nm), the wavelength range equivalent to skin cancer caused by sunlight, all mice developed skin cancer and displayed adverse effects such as cataracts and cornea damage.

Conversely, mice in the 222-nm germicide lamp group did not develop skin cancer at all. The effect on their eyes was investigated in cooperation with Shimane University’s Department of Ophthalmology (Professor TANITO Masaki et al.). There were no abnormalities visible, even when examined under a microscope (Figure 1).

It was understood that 222-nm produced no adverse effects due to the level of skin penetration. The 254-nm UVC currently used in germicide lamps penetrates down to the basal cell layer, the bottommost layer of the skin, and damages the DNA of cells. On the other hand, it was shown that 222-nm UVC doesn’t damage the DNA of skin cells because it only travels as far as the stratum corneum, the outermost layer of the skin.

These research results indicate that even though 222-nm UVC is a powerful sterilizer, it can also be used directly on human skin. Beginning with hand sanitization in medical institutions, it is expected that this technology will have a wide range of antiviral and antibacterial applications in places that people enter, such as schools, welfare facilities, food factories, toilets and kitchens.

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