New Photon Hand Cleaner

Hand Sanitation 120W Far UVC

Lamps FILTERED Wavelength FAR UVC 222nm Peak
Lamp power 120 Watts Total /Two 60w Bulbs
Power 110v
Material Steele powder coated housing
Dimensions 401mm x 237mm x 1381mm
Features Automatic on to ensure adequate sanitation time
Sanities rate 7-10 seconds
Coverage 60w Top/60w Bottom

1200 µW/cm² center

Weight 21.45kg
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Flat Far-UVC Lights

A compact Far-UVC lamp (KrCl), also called flat Excimer tile light produces 222nm light in a compact tile rather than tube. 222nm flat lamp designs replace bulky light bulbs; conforming to modern recessed light fixtures designed for modern light bulb designs. The lamps use a flat tile which is filled with a mixture of KrCl gas, and a compact electronic ballast in the base of the lamp and heat sink to ensure the highest level of efficiency.

  • 222nm Filtered Lamps – Safe For Occupied Spaces

Our approach

Far-UVC Light Solution

The idea is that FIRSTUVC offers a kit of B-Series modules “B1-5W/B2-15W/B3-20W” which Far-UVC light designers can adapt and integrate.

The featured B-Series module contains highly efficient 222nm Excimer lamps and a safety filter that eliminates dangerous longer wavelengths of more than 230nm. The B-Series module feature is a powerful disinfect solution for and occupied and unoccupied areas.

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Far-UVC Safety Testing

Scientists and industry leaders already recognize the use of new Far-UVC LED and Far-UVC Bulb product designs as the world’s biggest breakthrough for human-safe (bacterial and viral) disinfection technologies.

  • Safe For Eyes – 222NM Far UVC

  • Safe For Skin – 222NM Far UV

  • Germicidal – 222NM Far-UVC

Research breakthroughs in 2020 peer-reviewed studies on Far-UV irradiation for AP-UVGI applications.

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Mass-production Far-UVC KrCl 222nm Lamps

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