What is far-UVC Light?

Researchers started focusing on Far-UVC light almost 40 years ago. Far-UVC uses short wavelengths (between 207 and 222 nm) for disinfection. Most far-UVC products produce a main peak wavelength of 222 nm light with a noble gas mixture of KrCl.

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However, scientists are starting to test far-UVC on humans. A study published in August 2020 tested the safety of 222 nm light on human skin. Scientists exposed patients at hospitals in Japan to doses as high as 500 mJ/cm2.

To put that in perspective, the current threshold limit for far-UVC products is between 22 and 23 mJ/cm2.

Far-UV Data-Driven Analysis

Here’s a 254nm UVC vs 222nm Far-UVC comparison chart:

Wavelength 254 nm 222 nm
Safe for skin and eyes No Yes
Track record 100+ years 30+ years
Product availability Wide range Buy Now
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