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Advancements in excimer lamp UVC technology using human safe Far-UVC at 222nm allows for occupied spaces to be disinfected while people are present in the area being disinfected. A true proactive first line of defense to keep the R0 under 1 when spread is most likely to occur, indoors

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Far-UVC when properly filtered is a safe alterative to toxic chemicals and legacy UVC bulbs that contains mercury. KrCl Excimer Lamps are safe, effective and 100% mercury-free. Perfect for Active Personnel-UVGI

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Far-UVC Light Discovery

The shorter the wavelength of UV light, the more effective the light is at penetrating and destroying the bodies of pathogens. Therefore, while both Far-UVC and UVC are able to disinfect rooms and air streams of pathogens, the more effective, and safer light source is Far-UVC light. Far-UVC light is also less damaging to the plastic and rubber materials it comes into contact with. This makes it the more helpful option for healthcare facilities as it protects important equipment better than longer UVC light devices.

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Far-UVC doesn’t penetrate human or animal skin, and is much less harmful. It also works much faster than UV-C and is more effective. Far-UVC light devices also don’t use toxic mercury in the bulbs, which helps protect people and patients from hazardous chemicals..

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Far UVC Light Analysis

There are a lot of Far-UVC devices for sterilization on the market today. When looking between them and deciding which is right for you and your business, there are a few things to keep in mind — the effectiveness of the device, and the long-term value it will provide.

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Sterilization and disinfection is a major component of many different industries, not the least of which is the healthcare industry. It’s important to have the tools that are going to combine effective power with advanced technology to help you keep yourself and others safe. Far-UVC sterilization is a great way to protect equipment, effectively disinfect, and provide better patient safety.

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Far-UVC Light Testing

Main Points For The Advantages Of Using Far-UVC Light

  • Provided proof for the first time in the world that 222nm ultraviolet radiation C (UVC) does not cause skin cancer.
  • These results indicated that UVC light is also safe for human skin and eyes.
  • In the animal experiments using a 222nm germicidal lamp, there were no signs of cataracts or cancer of the eyes or skin, even in mice with extreme weakness to ultraviolet radiation.
  • This could allow germicidal lamps to be shone directly on people’s skin, enabling a wide range of antiviral and antibacterial applications in both medical fields and daily life.

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