Introducing the world’s first reusable UVC Test Card with UVC light wavelength Indicator and UV intensity test using word power visibility!

The QuantaDose™ UVC intensity test card relies on two steps, first UVGI wavelength detection, and second calibrated word legibility starting at 300 µW/cm² mercury line UVC when the word “ULTRAVIOLET” first becomes legible during exposure to UVC light. Word Power Visibility (WPV)

The top indicator is needed to confirm UVC intensity is being measured in the lower test area and not UV-A or UV-B!

The letters UV-C glow brightly when measuring the correct UVGI wavelengths between 222 nm – 280 nm.

After confirming optimal germicidal UV-C wavelengths, determining power is easy using a minimum calibrated reference point of 300 µW/cm² UV-C intensity with breakthrough photochromic Word Power Visibility (WPV) for dosage calculations starting from the point of WPV calibration.


  • Instant UVC Wavelength Detection – Far-UV 222 nm – 280 nm UV-C

  • Wide-band UV Intensity Test Aera For UVA/UVB/UVC

  • Reusable UV/UV-C Test Card For Visual Analysis

  • Works with UV-C LEDs, UV-C Bulbs, and UV-C Lamps