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A Targeted Approach

Ultraviolet light at 207-222 nm does not penetrate the outer layers of the human eye and skin, so it does not damage living cells, this makes it a safe and effective alternative to the destructive 254 nm UVC lamp and thus more widely used in the disinfection of some health-care facilities.

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UVC 222nm is expected to be a new disinfection measure, which can be used in occupied public places, including hospitals to homes where nosocomial infections may occur.

Our approach

Far-UVC Research

Far UVC 222 UV disinfection lamp is the world’s first and only fully autonomous, safe and effective disinfection solution. It is quick and easy to disinfect any known virus in living spaces

Far-UVC Discovery

Far UVC 222 devices emit 222nm photons that can penetrate and destroy bacteria. Also, at the cellular level, photons do not penetrate the human nucleus at the tissue level. Photons are absorbed without harm to humans

Far UVC Analysis

The current outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has posed a major threat to human life and health, with the number of people who have lost their lives to COVID-19 we know prevention is our first line of defense!

Far-UVC Testing

At present, 222 NM UVC is proven to be the most safe and effective to kill infectious coronaviruses such as SARS-CoV-2, and the present studies also proves that this wavelength UVC is completely safe for human body.





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Far UVC Publications

The 222 nm wavelength is proving to be both safer and more effective than the existing 254 nm UVC systems.

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Far-UVC Light Applications

Occupied areas, Sanitation, Disinfection, Air sanitation, Surface sanitation, Office buildings, General areas, Restaurants, Hotel, Retail spaces, Hospital, Public Toilet, Lobbies, Commercial locations, Industrial parks, Schools, Public transportation hubs, Airports, medical centers and more

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